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  • Smart Catalyzer is a bio-enzymatic catalyst designed to improve hydrocarbon based fuel efficiency and to reduce  environmentally harmful emissions.
  • Cost management and efficiency  has become a primary target for companies all over the world and we believe SmartCatalyzer is a premium solution which will generate significant energy savings without the need of upfront investments.
  • SmartCatalyzer modifies complex hydrocarbon fuel polymer chains by dissociating them into simpler molecules which burn more efficiently, thus enabling higher fuel performance ratios and lower emissions.
  • SmartCatalyzer is used in a recommended ratio of 1kg for 10,000 lt of fuel and our customers have regularly obtained savings from 5% to 15%.  Some of our customers, which have coupled SmartCatalyzer with Operational Excellence have achieved  and sustained results exceeding 25% savings.
  • SmartCatalyzer  is one of the most efficient products available in the market today and its sustained performance is guaranteed by a continued technical support.
  • The Smart Catalyzer journey , from the initial fuel performance measurements to its final catalyzing , is done through solid protocols based on the Lean Six Sigma  methodology broadly used by best in class companies.
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