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The Smart Catalyzer™ Fuel Enzymatic Catalyst
Enzymatic Catalyst
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Enzymatic Catalyst

Because the pollution problem is profoundly affecting the environment in which we live, especially in densely populated cities or surrounding areas with high population and industry that this has become a problem of global impact, we must find ways to control and reduce the production of polluting gases to acceptable levels.

Our company, aware of this situation would worsen in the future, developed a catalyst of organic origin, which has been tested in laboratory and field work with highly positive results.

Particularly our catalyst is the only, information we have so far, which has had positive results in tests in the United States under strict protocols (Federal Test Procedure and Highway Fuel Economy Test) of the EPA in an independent laboratory recognized by the EPA. The report states that Using the EPA's criteria for evaluation of FTP test results, the FTP test conducted by this laboratory provide a reasonable degree of confidence that the product causes a real improvement in mileage and reduction in emissions.The emission tested were Hydrocarbons with an average reduction (HC) 5.387% ( CO ) 7.315% (NOx ) 3.513. yields a significant saving of fuel and a lowering in emissions.
* ( Wallace Environmental Testing Lab ).
The tests performed confirm that the use of this product improves the quality of combustion of fossil fuels, significantly decreasing emissions of polluting gases.

The use of the catalyst in the fuel increases the production of carbon dioxide and decreases the carbon monoxide production, while minimizing the emission of toxic pollutants.

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