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Using the EPA's criteria for the evaluation of fuel additives, the FTP and the HFET tests conducted by this laboratory provide a reasonable degree of confidence that the product causes a real improvement in fuel economy and reduction in emissions.  The emissions tested were Hydrocarbons (HC) which showed an average reduction of 5.387%, Carbon Monoxide (CO) which showed an average reduction of 7.315% and Nitrous Oxide (NOx) which showed an average reduction of 3.513%.

  • Complies with EPA-75 (FTP's y HFET's)
  • Certified by Wallace ENV. Laboratories, one of the 28 EPA registered laboratories in the US
  • EPA registration # 224820001
  • Particularly, SmartCatalyzer is the only  products  of its kind [information we have so far], which has had positive results in tests performed in the US
  • Certificate of Quality  05/89 of the Mexican Military Academy
  • Emission tests conducted by the Mexican National Institute of Ecology
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